Why lead alone when you can empower your team?

It’s draining and ineffective when all the centrifugal force for driving a business or department forward is emanating from one leader at the top.

This can truly stall business and team success when one leader becomes the bottleneck for every single decision.

So why does a disempowering culture emerge?

There’s no simple answer. A combination of factors from inflexible leadership style to a lack of leadership team and people management skills, to a lack of trust.

Running a business or department in this way is ultimately unsustainable in the long term because the leader at the top runs the risk of burn-out, leadership successor issues, driving a dysfunctional culture and under performance – because no one else feels empowered to make decisions or to take ownership.

Businesses and departments led in this way also jeopardise business success and continuity, should something unexpected happen to them, they exit the business or transfer to another department.

An effective way to kick start a journey to transform this culture is to undertake a team away-day, facilitated by an experienced high performance team development consultant, to begin to plan, align, empower and motivate the overall team.

There is no better time to book a top team away-day than in last quarter of the year, to get a team on the same page, build team cohesion and to create an exciting vision and plan for the business or department ahead of the next year.

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