75% of Scale Ups Stagnate or Fail


Dragonfly Academy – The Top Team Accelerator for Scale Ups

To scale your business,
start with your top team

Scaling Success:
Why development matters

We recognise that leading a scale up can be tough and fast paced, top teams are stretched in many different directions as they juggle strategic growth with building operational infrastructure, team expansion and revenue generation.

This can be a challenging time for founders and top teams as they pivot from start up to scale up phase, and a recent report from Beauhurst highlights 75% of scale ups stagnate or fail to reach IPO or a successful exit.

Fundamentally, top team capabilities are a critical success factor for scale up success, and research by the Scale Up Institute shows 8 out of 10 scale ups consider it vital to upskill their top teams. Their research revealed that the capabilities that mattered most by scale up boards and senior management teams were 65% business development, 40% strategic development and 24% HR, talent, and cultural management.

So, where can a Founder, Investor or Accelerator turn when they have a top team scaling up that needs to strengthen these capabilities?

They can turn to us.

‘Hewlett Rand’s top team support helped us to create greater structure and focus for our strategic growth as we expanded our services before a successful exit.’

Dr Owen Byrne, Digital TV Labs

The Top Team Accelerator
for Scale Ups

Who is this for?

Post series A and high growth scale ups who recognise the importance of top team development, strategic execution and high-performance team capabilities to reach their goals.

How do we help?

For nearly two decades we have supported businesses to achieve breakthrough results. As a listed programme with the Scale Up Institute, Dragonfly Academy has been designed to support top teams during scale up, to develop strategic execution, business development, leadership, and management team capabilities.

We apply a blend of facilitation, training and coaching tailored to maintain top team strategic focus, combined with team development that releases the performance potential of each team to reach their business results.

What is our approach?

We meet the top team to understand their scale up challenges and development opportunities, pin-point support. We then tailor their top team accelerator programme to meet these business and team needs.

Throughout their programme we build high performance team, leadership, and business development capabilities by applying concepts, skills, and practical tools to assist their scale up success.

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Dragonfly Academy

What’s Our Approach


We meet with you and the team to understand your challenges, opportunities, and scale-up issues, so that we can pin-point the area of support where we can add the most value.


We will then design and deliver a top team programme to include the appropriate level of facilitation, training, and coaching support to meet your objectives and outcomes.


Throughout your top team programme, we embed high performance team principles, tools and practical skills that are essential for top team success and scale-up.

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