Team burnout

Do you recognise the following signs within your organisation?

  • A slump in the quality of work produced
  • Apathy and disengagement
  • Increased frequency of complaining or disgruntled employees

A burnt-out team may exhibit the above three signs.

Burnout not only hurts your employees but your business too, and it seems to be reaching an all-time high.

The top reasons for burnout are:

  • Unreasonable workload and time pressure
  • Poor treatment at work
  • Insufficient support from management
  • Lack of a clearly defined job role

So, what are the suitable steps you can take to prevent burnout?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the root causes of burnout lie with the workplace. More importantly, these causes can be prevented, providing that timely action is taken the leadership.

To identify the underlying causes, it’s imperative as a leader to understand precisely which conditions the work environment is lacking for employees to thrive properly.

We can help you diagnose performance and development issues within your organisation, and pinpoint the blind spots in your organisation to address the root causes for burnout..

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