Six signs of a dysfunctional culture

A dysfunctional culture prevents high performance teams and organisations.

Here are six signs of dysfunction:

  • High staff turnover – People are leaving the organisational or team because the atmosphere is toxic.
  • Communication is poor – Information and clarity of direction is not getting through to people. People do not know how their efforts and skills contribute to the team or organisation’s goals.
  • Lack of role models – Leaders and managers are not skilled at leading teams and people, they are not living their organisation’s values or demonstrating role model behaviours.
  • Minimum career progression – High performing talent who have gone the extra mile, demonstrated commitment and potential are not being trained and developed for future succession.
  • Lack of trust – People are being micro-managed. People are not empowered, they are constrained. Poor leadership and management capabilities are holding the team and organisation back from achieving high performance potential.
  • Burn out – There is a lack of empathy and respect for work/life balance and wellbeing. There is a relentless pressure for work beyond what is reasonable and healthy.

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