Scale up by developing a hgh-performance top team

  • Is your leadership team delivering the results your business needs to scale and grow?
  • Does your top team have a strategy with clear goals and accountability?
  • Have your leaders been trained with the skills they need to reach peak performance from their teams?

Scaling up has become a buzzword in business circles. Scale-ups or fast-growth companies have a material impact on an economy. They are defined as businesses that grow their sales revenue or number of employees by 20% per annum over a three-year period.

The capacity to scale up effectively is dependent on the following key factors: finance, infrastructure, access to markets, talent and skills, and leadership capability.

For leaders, the growing pains of scaling a business are often palpable. Augmenting a team inevitably means the organisational structure will undergo changes, which may diminish productivity if it is managed badly. Team size, therefore, can profoundly affect outcomes. A successful business will always deliver vastly superior results when its top team have strong team cohesion, total clarity of their purpose and goals, and are well trained in leadership, management and business development skills.

Our Dragonfly Academy is designed to support top teams through their scale-up journey using a blended approach of facilitation, training and coaching tailored to meet the needs of each top team and business. It supports top teams to align their strategic plans, clarify their goals, build strong team cohesion and effective leadership and management skills to empower their teams to improve productivity and results.

An in-house top team training programme is an investment in your team that delivers a return and transforms your business results.

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