Five Triggers for Team Development

Developing a high-performance team is a journey not a destination.


Great teams are not built in a day, they take time to reach their true potential.

We often use the analogy of a premier football team to explain why investing in team development is so crucial to success.

Football clubs invest in their team’s training to score more goals, to reach the top of the premier league and to continue to play their A-game.

The same goes for teams in business.

Developing your team’s skills to reach high-performance pays back tenfold.


Here are five triggers for team development:

1.    The team do not know how their efforts are contributing to their overall vision, purpose and goals.

2.    The team is constantly storming and not performing

3.    The team are not living the values of the business

4.    The team lacks accountability, which holds them back from the results they need and want

5.    The team lacks awareness of team dynamics in order to play to their strengths


Recognise any of these triggers?

Great teams need to be developed, so if your team isn’t performing at its best – don’t despair.

Invest in developing your team.

We facilitate, train and coach teams as part of a programme. Our training is tailored to meet the needs of each team and business, and we measure the impact and outcomes.

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