Do you know the symptoms that you solve?

Businesses don’t just buy our expertise, products or services based on what they do – they buy on the symptoms that they help them to solve.

So, as experts in our field, it’s important for us all to be able to describe the symptoms that we’re able to treat.

On Monday, we wrote about five such symptoms that we cure to transform the results of teams.

Symptoms where leadership or sales teams that just aren’t getting the results they need, want or deserve.

But why are symptoms important for us all to be able to articulate?

👉 Because they help us to explain how we remedy these symptoms to our customers and partners.

👉 Because potential customers can recognise these symptoms and they’re far more likely to reach out to us for support.

👉 Because our networks will know customers and contacts experiencing these symptoms where we can help.

So, when you’re explaining the value of your expertise, products or services, be clear on the symptoms that you solve.

After all, we can be just the right antidote!

We develop Business Development teams with the consultative skills that they need to build lasting relationships with your clients.

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