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360° Feedback

Targeting development to improve management performance

Are you looking to empower managers to improve their performance and development capabilities?

Do you need a measurable way to review management talent across your organisation?

Are you looking for a robust way to target investment for management development?

360° feedback enabled us to get to know our managers better, to help them play to their strengths and to realise there were areas they needed to develop.


What is 360º Feedback?

360° feedback is a tool to help you evaluate the development needs of your managers by asking their teams, line managers and peers to share their feedback.

360° feedback helps you to spot your high performers, identify specific management development needs and to empower managers to address their development need.

We manage the complete end to end process, to tailor your online 360° feedback survey, collate responses and to interpret reports to make more informed decisions for management development and succession planning.


Your organisation is able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your management team

Managers are more motivated from a wide-range of views on their overall performance and development needs

Management development feedback supports a culture of continuous improvement

Improved transparency of upward management development supports employee engagement and team working

Annual surveys provide a powerful tool to inform career and succession planning decisions

We offer a no obligation meeting to walk you through sample reports and how we manage 360° feedback projects. So, if we can help, we’d love to hear from you.

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