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You’re an ambitious top team in a prime position to scale-up your business to the next level. You’re a team that knows it is vital to have complete clarity of your goals, strong team cohesion and effective leadership skills that empower your people to produce the results that you need. You recognise the value of an experienced top team development provider supporting your skills for growth.

For over fifteen years we’ve been supporting top teams to achieve breakthrough results. This top team programme has been designed to support your scale-up journey using a blended approach of facilitation, training and coaching tailored to meet the needs of your team and business goals.

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In this interview, Richard Lowe shares more about Dragonfly Academy, how it adds value to top team skills in order to scale up successfully.

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by Polly Rathbone & Hewlett Rand

Dragonfly Academy

What’s Our Approach


We meet with you and the team to understand your challenges, opportunities, and scale-up issues, so that we can pin-point the area of support where we can add the most value.


We will then design and deliver a top team programme to include the appropriate level of facilitation, training, and coaching support to meet your objectives and outcomes.


Throughout your top team programme, we embed high performance team principles, tools and practical skills that are essential for top team success and scale-up.

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How much could training and self-empowerment transform your organisation’s performance?

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